From the very beginning of Au Bout Du Rang’s being in 2014, the journey was clear in my head: working together for success. With the help of great partnerships, we are launching our own online shop! With lots of work and a great part of magic, we will have more products, more collaboration, more work and more challenges. 

In cooperation with Quebec artists, we are concocting unique products only found on Au bout du rang’s online shop. With this idea in mind, the “Signature Collection” will support a greater number of our collaborators.

Large ceramic coffee cup with paisley motif
Large ceramic coffee cup with paisley motif

Many artisans have become favourites of ours! Therefore, we created a showcase to introduce skilled worker who share our values and already offer products that we find absolutely perfect! This new category will feature handmade products from Quebec which already have a little something “Au bout du rang”. New products will be put online every month!

Veilleuse tracteur vert en verre
Green tractor nightlight in fused glass from Veille sur toi

Finally, we have created a web solution for small producer manufacturers who sell endearing products solely at their workshop or through a limited number of shops. Under our new Exclusive Guest category, lovers of the finest creations will be able to buy small limited collections. 

And so here is our brand new online store! Under the same roof, we will have a bigger product selection which will give our clients a greater choice of authentic Quebec artisan products made with rigor and work well done; values that we share here at Au bout du rang. 

Because everyone is more than just what they consume, our team thought it would be perfect to generate meaningful and inspiring content with our own blog. After posting interesting content found on the web, we are finally ready to present it!

Here is what you will find on our blog as of Tuesday December 22st: 

• The underside of the food industry and agriculture from here and elsewhere
• Rural and urban self-sufficiency
• Family recipes and the best tricks to realize them
• The life stories of men and women who decided to put their desire for a countryside life at the center of their lives
• Reading suggestions
• The story of Quebec’s heritage and which of our ancestor’s daily objects became vintage
• Horticulture at large (vegetable gardening, arboriculture, floriculture, tree nursery, maple production and landscaping)
• Interior design and décor of country houses that our team visits regularly
• Creative ideas to DIY
• Portraits of farmers, artisans, cooks and entrepreneurs who inspire us!

More than ten (10) bloggers are joining our team and will be writing custom made articles on subjects that you care about!

With a fair amount of expertise and heart and soul, it is with great pleasure that our editing, managing and production teams will follow you in words, images and products to make you dream, think, share and consume more responsibly. 

Get in the adventure with Au bout du rang!

Jacinthe Généreux – co-owner of Au bout du rang

With College and University studies, and a good dose of experience in marketing, business administration and human resource management, Jacinthe came with the idea of Au Bout Du Rang and made her friend Marie-Claude jump into the adventure with her. She maintains daily relationships with each collaborator and feeds editorial content, in addition to unearth new talents and trends. She wishes to make accessible handmade products by supporting Quebec artisans and suggest a refreshed image of rural life.

This loquacious young woman will make you discover people who, like her, have chosen to live in the countryside.