At Au bout du rang, we are tightly linked to our artisans-collaborators and we are spreading their talents around the world! With our passion for handmade products, we are looking for authenticity, warmness and quality of yesteryear products. Also in a hunt for products that make us smile, creations that bring us to another era, and colors to light up the daily life; we are always looking for new collaborators!  

You are a passionate craftsman who have ideas on how to participate to our vision of the countryside?

With Au bout du rang there is 3 ways to collaborate, if the chemistry is good:

  1. DISCOVERY CATEGORY: Submit us one of your product already on the market and offering the spirit of Au bout du rang. This product in deposit will benefit from high visibility from customers of rustic style and handmade!
  2. SIGNATURE COLLECTION: Be part of the adventure by participating in the creation of an exclusive product for Au bout du rang’ Signature Collection. You think that your style naturally meet ours? Having time to spend on a special collaboration for a handmade product for kitchen or décor? Don’t hesitate to show us your work!
  3. EXCLUSIVE GUEST CATEGORY: You are making handmade little treasures in Quebec and looking to market products for kitchen and décor for which we could fall in love? Our marketing team loves to take packaging and promotion under their wing. With our online sales platform we are interacting with hundreds of Internet users everyday and this platform offers to small product lines an entrance into online sales!

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