Like a sweet memory of childhood, Au bout du rang brings us directly to images of the countryside, to hours spent contemplating the daily life of our mothers and grandmothers, to the slower pace of rural life but especially to the authenticity of that world that will always reassure us and bring us back to the essential.

Inspired by the great classics of the rural lifestyle and the creative effervescence of the 50s and 60s, Au bout du rang teamed up with artisans to develop and market home decor products, tableware, creative supplies and treasures for the whole family. Many handmade items are available from stock – no special orders with production lead time! We also carry our personally selected vintage products that usually need to be hunted down from one antique shop to another.

Knitters, tailors, weavers, potters, cabinetmakers, to name just a few of our collaborators, lend their talents to a collection that is both rustic and refreshing. Their passion is expressed through shared values such as family, friendship, sharing, authenticity and work well done; reminiscent of our grandmothers of a thousand talents and implacable rigor.

Here you are in the small world of Au bout du rang, an ingenious team that cooks up every idea to perfection.

Handmade little treasures, vintage discovery and country living décor.